Patch is up

The patch is available, but I can't see that it's changed any of my glitched missions...but the missions I have glitched weren't on the list...I haven't had the opportunity to see the killcams yet...


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It still works in the solitude house as well did it yesterday for enchanting.

So far every glitch that was in the game before the update is still in game im just worried bethesda will take my money making special ways away :(

i wana to play online so i can chat with my friends.

So far the underwater is much better.

Ohgma Infinium exploit still works at Breezehome, for anyone interested.

I don't wanna start over, I have 400+ hours and 4 million + gold...but I have a lot of Jarl quest and other quests glitched, so I'll just hafta give up on those, I don't think they'll ever be patchable.

Well I am pretty happy I deleted my game and started over. I am about done wit the DB. Got my horse back and close to having my 30k. It's been long enough the game is fun again.

They just made it more realistic. I love the new water system.

I love the new kill cams but hadn't really checked out the water effects so I went to take a swim in the lake at Riften. The water looks good from above, you can see things underneath that used to be invisible. From underneath you can now see above the surface which is kind of nice when you're trying to spy on the mercenaries at Goldenglow, for example. But, the textures are all soft and blurry and low res. I can't see much farther ahead than armslength which makes fishing or looking for barnacles difficult. It's ugly down there now and I used to like to go swimming.

Oh right sounds interesting s New jarl of windhelm ,eh well I ain't done many quests for the imperials but kinds looking forward now to see how this pans out ,actually I'm at the point were rikke wants me to find some evidence or something like that so might actually get on with this tonight after work ,thing is I just been doing the guild quests, companions and dark brotherhood along with a load of the miscellaneous ones that I kinda forgot about this and the main quests lol

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After months, Karliah has finally met me at the standing stone.  I can now finish the thieves guild questline.  :-)


This is the best news EVER!

I'm putting the game in NOW!


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