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I have thought about it and the things I would like to see, nerf frag rounds, improve spawning, get rid of lights and lasers, but ya know the crutches are also claymore (which I have 300 hundred in) the mortar(which I have 300 in) I use items to the best of there benefit so I am as bad as the rest. Maybe frags and Wall-E flying just gets on my nerves lol


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My wishlist:

1.  120 shells and rpg's/smaw's are 1 hit kills on jets and choppers (not the transport)

2.  MAV can't kill

3.  Slow the repair speed when inside the chopper, or just disallow mid flight repair.

4.  Frags on the Usas

dunno 1 hit kills on anything would be unfair, Disabled for jave, stinger be ok. mav can't kill be fine

It would be fair because it rarely happens.  The days of shooting rpg's at choppers died with the introduction of the stinger.  People that can actually hit choppers with dumb fire rockets are a rare breed, and they're totally getting shafted.  Don't even get a disable at the moment.  Also 120's have a limited aim angle, and a smart chopper pilot wouldn't put themselves in a position to be shot by one.

-USAS nerfed to worthlessness

-Frag rounds removed

-MAV can no longer kill or airlift people

-Tanks no longer take extra damage for moving forward and being shot

-Jet health regen slowed down and respawn time made to about a minute

-AA guns can no longer do damage on helicopters which are flying around on top of flags, only if in enemy base

Frag rounds ineffective against infantry

MAVs (like some1 said) no riding or roadkilling

No repairing choppers in the air

Jets have limited flares ( its hard enough to shoot one without it flying away)

Make SOFLAM just like claymores and TUGs, visible only when spotted. Its impossible to use it if it glowes for the whole map.

Make mortars reload longer if fired from base

id have to think about what i really wanted to get patched.. although Mav roadkilling. Stingers killing pilots instead of dmging chopper(which i think i read, IS getting patched). BONUS to driver kill assists! and slight nerf to famas + frag rounds. is a couple that first come to mind.. that id like to see. ive got MANY other ideas and hopes for the upcoming patch(s)

120 tank shells have always been one hit kill on aircraft, I hope they stick with their decision to make it that way in the next patch.

no attachment nerfs.

here's my wish.....don't nerf another damn thing...silly me, I want my bullets to be able to kill and my explosives to blow stuff up


sadly, I'm not gonna get my wish though....nope, they're gonna nerf more guns and nerf RPG's and grenades and nerf the only effective means of dealing with choppers too....good job DICE


just too bad they can't fix the simple technical issues plaguing the game.....oh well, I can see how making guns and missiles useless in a FPS game is more important than making it work right

i only wish they will fix the issues with the game, yeah. but some nerfs are needed imo. nothing big, just a small tweak

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