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I've read many posts about weapons, but it's not that I'm concentrating on here. One of the biggest things I want is the ability to search, when playing arcade campaign, for individual chapters. At the moment, you can only search by Act. So if you need the last two chapters of an Act on insane, you might join a game at chapter 1. You either play through, or quit and try again, with no guarantee of what you will find next time. At the moment many people, myself included, are stuck with odd chapters not done on insane because of this. Yes, you can set up your own game. But you also have to hope that 3 others join it before the chapter finishes. Some chapters are quite short. I think Epic missed a trick on this one. Other than weapons and their power, or lack of, what other things do people want to see in an update to the game? Not including DLC)

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I agree with the arcade campaign searching.

Took me forever to find the right room today, I would always join a room the chapter after the one I need.

^ but thats the thing, they WANT you to play the campaign over and over again to get that onyx arcade medal (king of CoG) Epic just wants to drain the life out of you and play gears for the rest of the consumers life. There isnt going to be a gears after 3 because of how it ended. IF there was a game oafter 3 than it would never live up to the expectations off gears 1-3.