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I've read many posts about weapons, but it's not that I'm concentrating on here. One of the biggest things I want is the ability to search, when playing arcade campaign, for individual chapters. At the moment, you can only search by Act. So if you need the last two chapters of an Act on insane, you might join a game at chapter 1. You either play through, or quit and try again, with no guarantee of what you will find next time. At the moment many people, myself included, are stuck with odd chapters not done on insane because of this. Yes, you can set up your own game. But you also have to hope that 3 others join it before the chapter finishes. Some chapters are quite short. I think Epic missed a trick on this one. Other than weapons and their power, or lack of, what other things to people want to see in an update to the game? Not including DLC)

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Muting controls, muting controls, muting controls. As far as I know, the only way to mute a player from the game is to wait for the match to end and then select them. You can't select the in the pre-game lobby and during the match like you can in Halo 3 and Halo: Reach. Also, those games have controls where you can choose your audio communication options: everyone, friendly team only, none. I really am tired of people making strange sounds on their headsets during games.

I have this happen to me a few times in the last day or so:  I start out playing Dizzy with a retro lancer.  I get a couple kills then someone downs and kills me.  I get an almost immediate respawn but now I am Marcus with a lancer.  I get so confused and not sure why I am playing Marcus.  In my confusion, I get lit up and die.  Respawn with normal countdown and I'm back to Dizzy and the retro lancer.

The arbitrarily switching characters needs to be patched.

The only thing i really care that get fixed in a patch is the splitscreen glitch.