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I'm getting a pretty good feel for this game playing it quite a bit all day today right after I got it. It's very similar to 11 and I played the 12 demo a lot. Im catching one constant and irritating trend while Im playing this game and it's that Im constantly being burned on deep passes regardless of the type of pass defense I call. I'll have 1 or even 2 men in the immediate area of the receiver at times and I get out jumped WAY too much. I try to control the players and hold A for defense help but that just seems to make them stand around mindlessly while every receiver regardless of skill looks like randy moss in his prime. Just dont get it. Frustrates me when I pull a beautiful blitz on 2nd and 10 push em back 3rd and 18 and then I get burned on some deep ball with double coverage. Anyone have suggestions?


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I wish..I have the same issue..Had moments where I have double coverage and the ball is basically a Hail Mary and they guy catches it..Bugs me cause it messed up the stats too..Qb only complete 18 passes, but for 350 yards cause every game I give up 2 or 3 of these long passes that the WR has no business catching. Ive tweaked the sliders with no luck.

Ive tried batting the ball down, but miss everytime.

ive found that most of the time when I try to switch to the corner in coverage it switches to the guy I dont expect to control.  So I end up really messing up the coverage.  Unless its a complete lob pass I often let the CPU handle it and get better results.

I have the same problem and I always had trouble with this in NCAA 12  it's very frustrating when I'm able to get the CPU on a 3rd & long but they bomb it to a double covered WR who always makes the catch. I've tried controlling the DB's but they always make an awkward looking attempt at it and miss I tried letting the CPU control both DB's and they do nothing until the ball is caught.