Party Game unplayable due to boosters

Back to back getting tossed in with splitscreen players that boost in it


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Apart from the occasional AFK guy, I haven't noticed anything suspect of boosting yet (with over 250 games played of Sharpshooter).

wow you seem to be lucky with everything you play lol. I noticed in the kill feed couple nights ago  one guy killing his split screen player over and over then just few minutes ago switched into game chat and the guys were talking about how this game its "insert gamertag here" turn to win the next it would be the next guys turn.

Dang. I hope you captured and reported?

Those type games will be the new Cage matches if the headshots count towards weapon camos. I guess.

Sadly recording only shows what they did in game but not the voice chat

That should be sufficient for at least a temp ban. Does anyone know if Treyarch has a place to send links to evidence videos?

think they got a twitter you can send report vids to

I just send everything to @davidvondahar or whaqt ever his name is