Really pissed off about this 

illkar a Namco rep on the prepare to die forums posted this

"Also, I've been saying this for a long time without much definitive evidence, but here goes... excuse the internet shouting. THERE WILL BE NO VOICE CHAT IN DARK SOULS. AT ALL. THIS INCLUDES CROSS-GAME CHAT, XBL PARTY CHAT, ETC. Confirmed for me today, again."

I was so excited for this game and with this news it brings that excitment level back to normal.   I may wait until winter and have hands on time with BF3 and skyrim.

Hopefully the xbox community finds a way around this.   perhaps being signed in with another gold account on another controller


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I knew about this for a while. It's not like it won't be hard to call your friends up or send them a text or voice message on what you want or where you are. It's just trying to get you to play with other people so your experience is different every time.

Yea but this is a major turn off from a game perspective.  I understand why they did it.   I just don't agree.   It's one reason I got rid of MW2 so quickly.   as a older gamer most of my close personal friends, we all live a ways apart and perhaps see each other only a few times a year if even.  it's nice being able to talk to them as a group, convenient.   shouldn't have to go through hoops to do that especially with the party chat system in place.  

party chat is the first thing I do when I get on xbox.  always at least 4 of us in chat.   if were not talking about stuff going on in our lives, telling jokes, or at the very least hearing each other rage or laugh at something funny in game.   just not the same.

completly changes my decision on preordering

If it bothers you that much, just get into Skype or call them on the phone. It's not hard. They won't change it, either. Demon's Souls had no voice support either. If it's that big of a deal for you to not get it because of such a feature, that's fine.

You know, the funny thing is, I suspect that even forming a coop party in Dark Souls will be tricky.  Demon's Souls was just a niche title, and didn't get a lot of traffic, but a lot of times you'd drop a blue and someone else would snatch it up before a friend could get it.  Imagine the initial traffic when the game is new?  FS has this vision of a game that pushes strangers together in a common cause, and gives them ways to work together.  But I get what you're saying, Husker, about the social elements...I'm the same way with a lot of my friends.

That's why you put your stone down in an area that isn't heavily walked upon by people and is easily able to go through. That way, they only give it a glance, knowing they can get through that section and will call upon someone when they get to an area they can't handle. Worked all the time for me in Demon's.

Deal with it.

I'm excited to play a game where I can get away from it all, ( including those 8-person parties where you can't even have a real conversation because there are three groups of people talking about 3 different things). Party chat ruined a lot of game chatter anyways. yeah, that's an opinion. A popular one, though. I have respect for a developer that won't include a feature, just because everyone else does. Also, they announced up front that there will not be any dlc for this game, followed by the statement that the game is shipped complete and there will not be any need for it.

Now that's refreshing.  Nice to see a developer/publisher that isn't all about milking people, post-purchase.

It would be nice if there was a way to disable the multiplayer aspect of the game and allow party chat. Like on CoD, you just can't be in chat whenever you're playing the game online...

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