Pargaon Of Her Kind Quest not completing


Has anyone encountered a kind of bug in Orzammar? I have completed the "A Paragon of her Kind" quest, and Harrowmont became king. However, the quest is not clearing from my Current Quests tab. Under the quest it says "Return to Orzammar. With the paragon's crown in hand, it is time to return to Orzammar to crown her king". Well, I have. Anyone know a way to clear this quest, I wouldn't want to be missing out on the XP! :)


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have you completed the Anvil of the Void yet? If you have try reloading a save, hopefully it will refresh your journal.

this has happened to me before... if you can restart from before the crowning (4th play through)

i just didnt bother with it on my 8th play through ( when it happened again) i did not notice on any missing XP but if you do all missions from the chantry to the rouge's plus the DLC then a coulpe of points wont matter cause with all the DLC and side missions done you should be lvl 20 for quite some time... at least by the time you get your 3rd-4th allied group from the treaties depending on game play. let me know if this helps!!!

I always keep a few saves per quest/region in any game. This way if something happens, even if I'm not immediately aware of it, I have several points I can go back to.