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My son was sent a vulgar message from a gamer because my son accused him of cheating because every time he tried to kill him on the game the game would lag.  The other gamer sent a very very nasy  message and threatened to have my son banned or his acoount suspeneded for no reason just for the fact that he could make it happen.  I would like to know what to do. The message was a voice message and its saved to our xbox but how do i forward the message on to xboxlive.  If anyone should be banned it should be the one threateneing





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Here is a link you might want to read.  Its good info on parent gaming ( you may have already).



I would file a complaint via 360.  I block communcations with the person and move on.  Your son will not get banned if he has done nothing wrong.  Sorry you had to go through this.


Hope this helped and happy gaming.

^^ Speaks truthfully. 90% of people who threaten to hack have no abillty to do so, and just use it as a scare tactic.

Bearing that in mind, some are capble of hacking, and all should just be blocked, reported, and move on.

Just my opinion.

"because my son accused him of cheating"

Try and talk to your son, not to accuse people online that would safe you the trouble of getting these type of messages in the first place if he still gets a vulgar message....

then block, report and yeah move on.