Parents beware of people stealing account info!

This person has obviously made a new Xbox account to do this just in case people report him, like I am doing now.

Parents, monitor all of your child's messages if you don't already. I would also mute the chat in the preferences menu because of the vile language too.

Well this video is just one of many scams that children and dumb people fall for just to get everything unlocked in a game. It is rather pathetic.

Just make sure that

1. Your children do not know their account information.

2. Your children are smart enough about not giving their details out to ANYONE online.

3. The voice chat is turned down, or muted.

The link to the video is here: [Removed by Moderator]

Also I shouldn't see why the GT should be blocked in cases like this because it is showing who is doing it so the parents and any other person can avoid contact.


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Also thumbs downing the video all you want, I don't care. Obviously you don't appreciate the fact that I'm trying to get one more piece of scum from taking peoples information. Also the views and ratings don't matter lol.

The reason is pretty simple. We have rules and one of them is to not 'name and shame'  Posted right here to be exact. By doing this it is no more your word against theirs. That would be like me just picking a GT and saying "Don't trust this guy ________ he steals account info and is mean to bunny rabbits"

 Bottom line is if you see this, report the player via your Xbox dashboard reporting tools. Also if you set up you child's account right they cant even talk to people not on their friends list.