Parental Lock Message when trying to customize Paints schemes

Each time that I try to modify or customize a certain cars paint scheme, I get a message that says Parental Lock.
It reads, "You are not allowed to view this design as per you Xbox LIVE account settings.
I tried turning the parental lock off and nothing. I tried with it on and allowing everything and nothing.
All I want to do is paint my BMW 2002 dark gray with black bbs rims.
I thought perhaps it was because it was a gift car. Nope.
Bought a Mazda Miata and received the same message.
I thought it was because I was an Xbox live Silver member, so I upgraded to gold. Not the problem either.
I've tried going online to the xbox website, signed in and went to account settings there, which just instructed me to do what I already did.
Please help me out so I can customize my current garage.
Thank you.
Happy Holidays


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P.s. I'm over 25 and don't need parental authorization.

Also I forgot to mention that I was already able to paint the BMW 2002, gray with black rims and it appears like that when selecting it from my garage but once I get in the car, it goes back to original colour of white. Plus every time I go to race it, it shows up as the original white. I don't understand.

I started out with Forza 4 essentials but then went out and bought the game of the year edition used.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Happy Holidays

you set your account to adult?

I'm fairly sure it is set to adult.

Although I cannot find anywhere either on my Xbox dashboard (Setting option, parental lock option, etc.) or my online account settings, options etc. that states that it is a child or adult account.

I found in the help section, steps on how to promote an account from child to adult but followed the steps and didn't see the promote option.

Figured it out. Turns out My custom settings were set differently than I last viewed them.

so what was changed?