what is the mechanism for parachuting? Sometimes its automatic, sometimes it doesn't happen at all.

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I think hit A to open chute, but not totally sure.

lol...yea its A

Now I know... could have known what this was before I decided to press B god knows how high up in a jet. Was pretty amusing though, lol.

It will not open on short distances.

That is not the whole answer though.  You can press A, and nothing will happen.  I suspect you have to free fall for some time until you see your hands.  If you put a weapon in your hands, and press A, the chute does not seem to deploy - unless you wait for more freefall and see your hands again.  There is more to it than just hitting A or I would never be having the problems I have/had.

I like the base jump on the one map. I always try to see how close I can get to the ground before opening.

Its A but now it seems that you can jump from 2nd floor windows.with out using the parachuting?????.later

Double tap a