Panzer General: Allied Assualt - Leader Board Bugged

Problem:  Leader Board on PANZER GENERAL: Allied **** (Bugged)

Please sort out the leader board i've not played for a few weeks then i came on a few days ago and played about 6 games over the last few days and won them all but after playing the last game i went to the leader boards to check my progress and it said unable to check at the moment and suggested I may have lost connection.  I waited and checked later and my Rank had gone from 1st place to 563.  I had a great rating of around 2150 which is now 1516.  I am so upset because I put alot of hard work into becoming number one.  I thought maybe it would fix it self so went to bed but the next day it was still bugged.  It appears no one else has been affected and the guy in number two slot is now number 1.   Please check logs and sort this out something gone wrong somewhere and i've put alot of hard work into getting rank 1.

I went to the website of who made the game and noticed another player had similar problem about a year ago, below is what he posted in this forum

Posted 31 August 2010 - 09:34 AM

GM please sort out the leader board i've not played for a few weeks i came on today 30th august and i had 2149 points and still top of leader borads i've played 13 games today and won them all. please check loogs but somehow i've gone down to rank 16 on 1834 points please sort this out something gone wrong somewhere and i've put alot of hard work into getting rank 1.

This is what they responded:

For your question, please see the Microsoft Xbox360 forums to request any leaderboard adjustments. They will be able to help you out there.

I checked the xbox forum and couldn't see anything like this relating to panzer general so I rang up customer support and they were very helpful and suggested if I contacted enforcment or something they will look into it for me.  I emailed xbox customer support  and they told me to check forums.  In addition the subject on the petroglyh forum was locked so I couldn't go anywhere there.  Im starting to think im getting the run around and no one cares about the problem.  Below is what xbox support replied to me.

Hi Nick, 

Thank you for taking the time in sending us an email regarding your enquiry.
I understand that you have game specific issues with Panzer General on the Xbox. I know it must be really frustrating getting a different score or points on the leaderboard than expected. However, aside from trying to delete and recover your gamertag on the console, the leaderboard issue will be best answered by the game publisher itself since the Xbox Live server would only be used for authentication and the rest of the online gameplay would be then inside the game publisher servers.
Aside from the game publisher you can also post to this issue to our forums to gather more information on this enquiry. You can post this issue on this link:
Again we do apologize that you have to go back to the forums, but it would be the best way to look for a resolution on this since it would be the game moderators that can resolve this for you.
We thank you for your patience and patronage.
Xbox Customer Support

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