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I've done this LASO twice now... the first time took 2 hours & 15 minutes and I only accounted for 5 of the 82 deaths... LASO 1

The Second run was much faster at a mere 56 minutes and 11 Deaths for the party (I was 3 of them)... LASO 2


I can upload the videos if anyone wants to see them...

They are rather pointless overall... but you may find some useful tips and hints mixed in to assist you in doing this challenge.


The biggest tips I can give you though... are to take your time, using cover, to snipe with the DMR (sometimes going as slow as only one shot per second)... and DON'T be anywhere near the door to Dr. Halsey's Lab if you can help it... hijack a Banshee or a Wraith and kill from LONG range (it takes a bit of time... but well worth the time spent if you aren't restarting every couple of minutes).


Anyone else have useful tips and hints for this challenge?  I may do it a couple more times this week to see if I can get through without dying at all.


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What time slot can I put you down to help me? Lol.  We'll have to get Quest too for sure

I didn't bother hijacking anything, that mission has always been one of the more easy ones on Legendary.

2 Hours? Me and my friend did it in 1 hour and 10 minutes! And that's with us *** around for 20 minutes!

Good advice Zoe.

Look at the number of deaths on the split-screeners on my first run Speedy... you'll see why t took so long.  Any if you looked... the second run was under an hour.

Gooch... I'm busy this evening... but perhaps late tonight or tomorrow evening we can try to get your run taken care of.

I can help this weekend too.  Friday is out because my little one is getting tubes in her ears but if we still have some follks needing the LASO come Saturday, I should be around.

Well... I've completed six runs on this so far...

Still haven't been able to get through without dieing at least once though...

Usual time is right at 1 hour... unless you have someone that died 60 times like my last run... but that was still 45 minutes shorter than my first run...

I'll be doing at least one more of these runs tonight... maybe more... but probably not...