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Do all guns get an attachment when upgraded? I know some guns do like the M16, which gets a grenade launcher. The Rpk and Mp40 don't or do they? I'm just wondering if anyone knew the answer to this.


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I dont think so, but it would be nice if they at least got extended mags or giant box mags for ammo, LOL. The AUG gets a masterkey, the M16 gets a tube, the FAL gets a red dot, the Famas gets a red dot, 74u gets red dot, and I cant remember about the others. YT should have them all punched somewheres. Ive got a few strats, well have to do some zombs soon.

Here is a list of all the weapons, and their PaP'd counterparts, available in zombies.

Lol, the 74-u gets a red dot? Lame. I rather have the iron sights for ak.

^^Nice link, Haptics. That answers alot and I had all but forgotten about the old M1 garand, LOL.