Hello, im doing the main questline i skyrim and i just finished the negotiation. Esbern told me i needed to kill Paarthurnax or he will no longer talk to me. I honestly dont care about the Blades and I will not kill him. Well the quest is optional and i will refuse to kill him. I want to progress through the main storyline but im kinda stuck. It says if you dont want to kill him continue on with the quest. But i need to learn a shout to call Odaviing. Where do i learn it from and how do I do it? PS DONT PUT SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!


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You learn it from Paarthurnax. Or he gives you the location of it.

If I Remember correctly, You learn the "Call Dragon" shout from the Greybeards at the Throat of the World

Hey Beat! This question is more along the lines of a game discussion question. So what I'm gonna do is move it to the Skyrim forum since you'll be much more likely to get an answer to your question in that forum than in this general forum.

Game on, Dovakhiin. 

Personally, I liked Paarthnurnax and did NOT kill him.  I went on to finish the game and max the Gamerscore. I think the game is designed so that, whether you kill him or not, you can still complete all required objectives.