oX is now Recruiting

hey i am the clan leader of oX Gaming if you what to join the clan pm me gamer tag ( oX Fusionz ) or ( oX Skillz ) apply here under here.

if you what to speak to me plz add me on steam than we can speak or invite me to Private chat (my steam is oxfusionz)

there is the clans

toolbar oxfusionz.ourtoolbar.com

website http://oxgamingnation.webs.com  


oX Fusionz 


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If you are intrested Supremacy of Gaming (SoG), ICEE, and Liberation of Gaming (LoG) have formed an mutli-clan Alliance call United Clans (UC). You are welcomed to speak with us about your clan joining UC. You may contact the following:


SoG Defeatist - Supremacy of Gaming - http://www.supremacyofgaming.webs.com/


ICEE CraigTG OL- ICEE - http://iceeclanmw2.webs.com/


shortBUScheif - ICEE - http://iceeclanmw2.webs.com/


SRG Ichimaru XZ - Liberation of Gaming - http://pcglive.forumotion.com/


United Clans looks forward to hearing from you. Please talk this over with your clan leaders.





For more information about UC go here: