hey fellas.....is it just me or is there a ton of things to do in arkham city?i mean there is things that you stumble on that unlock and before you know it you got 10 different things going on at once....i love the game but man where do i start.i may just tackle the story first then concentrate on the side stuff....hope everyone is enjoying it


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I am barely into the story. I am just having fun beating up thugs and looking for Riddler trophies. I have worked on some of the side missions. I have not even touched the challenges. Well, I did try the only one I had available, but got beaten quickly. Need to go back and try it again now that I have more combo moves.

I was overwhelmed but the missions do seem to run out quite quick to be honest,there are still many things to collect though.

i am done with the game and only have 9 trophies left to get. I did the side missions as they appeared and if I was in an area that had stuff to do in I woudl just stay there until i completed everything so that I wouldn't have to go back. I ended up going back to areas for things I missed but i tried to cut it down.


You could always adjust the date & time on your console for the Calendar Man achievement.

Also if you want a timestamp for that achievement the simply load up every date on the calendar except for Halloween which is next Monday and sign on then.

I'm done with the game, the only achievement I have to get is the talking to Calendar Man achievement. It's awesome to sneak around to every area you can get to and take out the enemies, so that way you get Max Experience, and can access your new upgrades/abilities as soon as you can. That's what I did, and by Wednesday last week I was done with the main story and had only some side missions to complete and a few Riddler Trophies.

It's up to you really how you want to progress.

Oh, I know, that's why I said it's the only achievement I have to get done. When he told me to come see him on Halloween, I changed it to Christmas Day, and was pleased when he gave me a speech. So, I used the calendar on the wall to do all the others except Halloween.

Which I'll get done soon ^_^.

I had that feeling at first, but I beat the game then did all the side missions.  Now I am clearing out all the riddles trophies, and will be done with that this week.  It seems to have all gone by so fast that I kind wish there was more.  I will do challenges next which could take a while, but if like Arkham Asylum if I get into a groove they will go fast as well.  Hang in there you will be done soon enough.