Overpriced xbox live games?

Hello, i noticed that alot, if not all of the games avalible on Xbox 360 Live Arcade/ On Demand are overpriced as ***, here are some examples

Halo 3: $40

GTA: San andreas: 1200 MSP ($15)

Gears of War 2: $30

these are just a few examples, but my point is that i could get Halo 3 for $15, San Andreas on PSN for $7.50, and GoW2 for 7.99 at my Ebgames (Yes im canadian)

Also, why is it that americain MSP points is 1600 for 20 dollars but only 1400 for canadians,

Xbox, your pulling a EA here


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If you say so but I see games on demand as a way to save money. Many games I am willing to pay $60.00 for a disc I get three digital games for the same price. Plus my disc tray is messed up.

99% of the time digital is more expensive, and you don't own digital content, stop supporting it. "convenience " isnt a legitimate reason to pay usually double, especially when you can't share the game, or trade it in, plus it costs less to have a digital game  since there is no shipping or anything.

You can at least share it with one other person.

There are always hidden bargains on the marketplace.You just have to look.Never know what you'll find.Some deals are not advertised.

Agreed some deals arent posted I always read the deals of the week/month on trueachievements. Com  make sure dlc im waiting on isnt going to be on sale when I need ms points..   also do research nowadays people are lazy.  N yes digital is pricy but what can you do they just had a huge sale couple weeks ago some games were 2-5 $ 

I'm not a fan of digital games, I want to own a hard copy of something I own, I already have Minecraft as a digital download, but I'll be buying one of the hard copies when they are released next month and keeping it sealed for keep sake.

even with the hidden deals there aren't many really good sales on the xbox marketplace. not that there are lots on the ps3, but there are more there. when you can find a retail price or the same price or less you are getting ripped off buying digital.

buying games on xbox live overpriced no the way xbox see it is that you should buy theres games new not in a preowned thats why ea look as this 3 years ago and put online pass with new games so if you trade then you would have to pay 800 ms points at least no one can break you game if its on the hdd aswell and all game in the future will be dlc only as the games get bigger