overpowered weapons

I just started playing this game online recently and have been killed so many times by people using the gnasher shotgun... ridiculous range and clip size! Are epic looking into this issue?


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What lol? Shut the f-uck up.

Just shoot them back with the sawed off, thats what all the new kids are doing!

Sawed off sucks and i really think its stupid that all these people are using the shotguns like their the freakin holy grail of weapons jeez. I mean do you run through campaign with nothin but a shotgun?

I guess my sarcasm was lost in text?

Gnasher Op? Is this your first Gears game?

So many lulz

for real? lol.

My pc just shut it self down with a rather very loud strange laughing noise when i read the Op's post lol.

Switch prim weapon to Retro Lancer that will stop most charging shotty users if you struggle with that just make sure you dont get in one shot kill range.

If that dont work test an adjust!

i think the shotguns are the best wepons in the game..get better with them,or like everyone else said,stay away from it! stick close to someone else,2 guns are better than one in any shoot em up!!