Overlord - best DLC?

I just finished my first run through of Overlord and it's my favorite DLC so far (slightly better than LotSB).  It had kind of a Dead Space type feel at times...I'm always hesitant to buy DLC, but this one was definitely worth it (as was LotSB).

Can't wait for ME3...


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To be honest I thought it was one of the worst. Far too much padding, poor interaction with the characters and pretty much just another shooting gallery.

Only the ending really saved it for me.

I also can't wait for Mass Effect 3. 

Overlord, Lair of The Shadow Broker, Arrival and Bring Down The Sky are all top notch, any of them could rival for title of best DLC in the series so far.  The highlight of Overlord (maybe what voteDC was referring to) is when the environment goes "cyber" on you (much like the Advanced Training videos), I'd like to see more of that in the next game...:-)

Actually no, I was referring to the last scene where you make a choice.

Yeah, I'm usually more into the bits that others aren't, for example, I heard complaints about the first part of 'Arrival' when you're just sneaking around.  I loved that bit, it got me entrenched off the bat, there's was so much suspense building that I was constantly thinking about what MIGHT be around the corner.  The last thing I expected was to actually BE one of those mechs, that was the highlight for me, next time I'm going for that 'Bloody Reaper' Easter Egg, that'll be fun...:-)

I thought it was the worst only slightly worse then arrival. Arrival was really bad to. I did love LOTSB. IMHO the dlc for this game story wise are just plain horrible. The combat in them isn't so bad.  Arrival game play wise was pretty decent and I loved how they brought back active loading.

My favourite was LotSB, personally

Personally, I think Overlord would have been great if BW didn't mess it up with the horrid Hammerhead sections. To this day I still can not understand what they were thinking when it comes to the Hammerhead, or how they totally missed the point of what people actually liked about planet exploration in ME1.

Of all the ME2 dlc, Overlord os the only one that has a morale decision comparable to BDtS so that's why I like to play it - even with the crappy platforming.

Shadow Broker was probably the best one in my opinion. The people who didn't like the Hammerhead are not going to think much of the bulk of Overlord

I liked Shadow Broker better, and the Shadow Broker lair is a cool place to check things out.  I'm hoping it comes into play in ME3.