Overkill....what's the point?

     I am trying to understand the point to overkilling.  It wastes time and makes no sense. How much more is needed than getting your opponent to zero?  I am not talking 10 or less points, but there are those that seem to get some kind of joy from going as negative as possible. I just don't get it.........


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Well, if it won't make the game any longer, I'll blow instants and sorcery cards that max out my attack on a killing shot.  Anything more than that, for instance giving the opponent another turn, is either stupid or greedy.  

shows man size. or one would think it did.

it shows you how well you played. If it keeps getting more negative each game, you're getting better.

If you have no way of winning, then you should just concede the match. The guy might be going for overkill cuz he's worried you have something to play (since you're not conceding)