So i just started playing halo 3 again in hopes of getting my last achievement.  Too bad its the overkill achievement and i am not longer even close to being good at halo 3. any help? any tips? all thoughts are welcome.


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Shotgun/Sword, with bubble shield/regenerator.  Not sure what game modes are in lone wolves, but king of the hill is probably easiest to get multikills on.  Or if you it's oddball, just get the oddball, deploy bubble shield/regenerator in middle of map and hope everyone runs at you without power weapons.

Rockets always useful but it's not likely you'll take out 4 players with the rockets you have before you need to reload.

It's a shame Brawl playlists aren't available, that used to be 13 player ranked FFA, very easy for the achievements.  Also I believe they bumped lone wolves to 8 player but now it's back down to 6.

I have only three tips:

Swords - A great game mode to get it on, just remember to use the right strike - close range = bash/melee - long range = trigger/lunge.

Oddball - Just get a bubble shield and take advantage of the one-hit kill.

King of the Hill - Be prepared to lose the game and focus on your achievement just stay a moderate distance away from the hill and grab some splash damage weapons or if you are confident enough use a sniper.

I'm trying for crazy king on the pit but no luck on that yet and i havent gotten swords in a really long time.

Yeh swords is the least common gametype, only like 4% chance of it coming up.  By the way, do you play on bumper jumper or default.  I play default controls but if it's a swords only match i would tend to switch to bumper jumper because i think it's better for meleeing, this is just my personal preference, but i feel it's quicker to presser right bumper to beatdown than move your thumb of the right stick to b button.

True, I always play on Bumper Jumper, it just feels more natural to me and is probably the best set-up in Halo 3 and it doesn't change at all for Reach. In reach it isn't that good because you have armour abilities to use pressing the X button which is inconvenient.

I play default all the time. Played swords about 4 times today. Got 2 back to back triples :( and no one was around for the fourth.  Played 7 hours of halo 3 today. came close several times but came up sort by dying shortly after or not getting a kill in time or no one being around for the 4th.  Im going to keep trying. thanks for the help and support guys.

Yeh, it's probably more luck involved than skill, a triple kill seems so much easier than an overkill due to there just not being a 4th guy to take out.  Keep trying though, sure you'll get it.

What doesn't help the situation is that it was still hard when I got it in 2009, so now its harder to find a game, more people quit, more people are AFK and more people have second accounts. You got the wrong end of the stick here ...

If you can get two back-to-back triples, you can definitely take solace in the fact that you're clearly not being outskilled.


This isn't a matter of the Mongoose Mowdown, which is luck. If you have the skill here, which you definitely seem to, you'll get it eventually, so good on you for giving it a shot.