Has this game caused anyone's Xbox to overheat mid-game and have it do an emergency system shutdown because, it does it to me; and this is the only game to do this to me so what the hey? 


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Do you have your Xbox near an area of successive or persistent heat? Do you have your Xbox in an area that is confined in space? How long do you usually play the game or in general before it "overheats"? Is this your first Xbox or your second/third one? Have you gotten your Xbox repaired before by M$? Is your fan still working? Have you cleaned and/or dusted your Xbox recently?

It's only this game i play it and it will randomly overheat i take care of this Xbox. My only other question would be could it be just this copy of the game?

Do you think the disc may be defective? It could be, but I've never had an overheat problem from a single Xbox 360 game.


R U SURE that your system is getting adequate "air" while running? Is it in a room that gets hot quickly? This sometimes happens to me, to which I'll open up a window to cool down the room. Again, how long do you play it? Overheating can also be because of logging a lot of play hours. Lastly, I asked if the fan is working? If it's not working, you should look into getting a new one as your system will not be getting any air and will overheat.

I'm sure, I looked around online and found other people having the same thing happen with different games as well. Went to GameStop they said they'd get me another copy if i bring the receipt. Might do that to see if it fixes this problem. if so i post the results and just lock the thread.

I'll check my console to be sure it's not that either. Thanks

It was the disk' apparently sometimes when the code is written to the disc it gets slightly jumble or there's a slight error cause you system to miss read it. Which can cause it to pull to much power and overheat your console.

thanks for trying to help though. gonna lock this thread.