overall rain impression

Hes alright, I think I can juggle better with kenshi though, he seems hard to string together combos successfully. What does everyone else think of him?Wonder what the last dlc will be...


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My order for DLC's so far is Kenshi, Rain then Skarlet. Rain has some great moves and when you incorporating the Geyser Kick into a combo you just have to time it right but he is slick. Easy to use, Xray is NICE and he has some cool fatalities. Only thing that trips me out is his (I'll just say) weird movements (his twirling entrance with his hands out, turning pink and his movements when he is standing still) lol. Overall, a very fun character.

I think none of them have been stand out, I use Cyrax & Sub Zero & I was expecting some1 to take up my time as they still are, but it isn't happening.  Hopefully the last 1 will do tho.

Yea but his fatality gave me a good laugh not as funny as shangs clown fatality but laughing worthy lol

I can't decide between the three, to be honest. 

  • Skarlet was quite a surprise didn't expect her to be so good, and her moveset is Jaw-dropping.
  • Kenshi's fatalities are just Gold prolly better than Sektor's gruesome 'Robo-Sek' and 'Scarecrow', and his move set is great.
  • Rain is awesome, juggling with him is like juggling was chainsaws, it some serious shyt. however I thought the Fatalities were kind of 'Meh'.

So far I like Skarlet the best, because she is very fast and that's good for my style of play. I like Rain a lot, though, I like being able to add another uppercut or something after his x-ray move. I need to spend some more time with both Rain and Kenshi, as it is I've been playing a lot of tag matches using Skarlet and Scorpion.

I for one think he is awesome and i string combos together pretty easy i just think his cross screen kick is iffy in juggles unless you do it on the slow descent from the lightning strike.

Yeah I thought his fatalities were just "cooh", nothing that sticks with you like Scarecrow lol.