Outside on Level 1

I have the shareware version (Knee deep in the dead only) on PC and I can't figure out how to get outside on the first level of K.D.I.T.D. Any suggestions?


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I've never heard of that before...

I know on the Nuclear reactor level (3, I think).  You can go outside.  There's a secret hidden behind a secret door in the central room, that'll open *another* secret door on the other side of the map that lets you outside.  There's probably a youtube video out there that'll explain that better...

Unless of course, you're talking about that courtyard with the slime pit and mega armor in it.  Then from the start of the level, go to the room on the left w/ the shotgunners, and green armor at the top of the stairs.   Look at the two pillars in the room.  The one on the right has a button on it.  Hit that button, and it will open a door.  The door will be immediately to the right of where you started.  You need to run though, because the door will close again very quickly.  Hope that helps.