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I originally posted this in the RE4 HD forum, but in hindsight I think it fits in here even better. So....


I'm wondering, am I the only one who struggles at least a little with RE4's outdated gameplay mechanics and controls? What I mean is that by now most of us are used to FPS-style controls in 3rd-person shooters, i.e. move forwards/backwards and strafe with left thumbstick and look around with the right one. And then there is the "d-pad feel" to the controls, i.e. it doesn't matter how much you push the left thumbstick in any direction(s), you will always move forwards/backwards and turn at the same speed like if you were using the d-pad. This totally defeats the purpose of controlling your character with an analog thumbstick.


On the same note, many of RE4's - and also RE5's - game mechanics are outdated to the point of being bothersome. First and foremost the inability to move while aiming/shooting. I know this stems from the controls of the old RE games where you didn't have thumbsticks but only the d-pad. So moving wasn't possible since you needed the d-pad to aim. And many run-of-the-mill opponents were slow enough for that to work. All fine and dandy so far.


But RE4 was originally released for the GameCube, and the GC's controller has two thumbsticks. It was later ported to the PS3 and its controller also has two thumbsticks. So why did Capcom keep using the controls of the previous games? That question is even more important since gameplay is quicker now and most of the opponents also move way faster than they did in the older games.


Not being able to move while aiming/shooting is bad enough already, so I really don't understand why your - or rather Leon's - aim is so inaccurate even while standing still. The laser pointer wanders around and drifts off quite a lot, making it hard to hit small targets (blue medallions, heads of opponents) at anything but close range. And at least I want to take out at least some opponents before they are that close.


To be honest, I really thought that at least RE5 should have used more modern controls and omit those old and outdated mechanics, but it didn't. Now I'm wondering how RE:ORC will play. If it uses the same controls and mechanics like RE4/5, I'm really going to think long and hard whether or not to buy that game. I'd love to play it since I love the RE universe and the stories in it, but the outdated and often cumbersome controls and gameplay mechanics are really putting me off.


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If you don't understand why they left the controls the same as the old RE games now, you never will.  

I don't mind the controls on RE5. I love the game just the way it is and I appreciate the fact that it's different from most other games. The one thing I can't over look is not being able to move and shoot. That does bug me some, It really slows down the pace of the game and the action, but maybe that makes it better for people with a slower response time.

Hard to say really, but, as much as I loved RE5 I would have the same issue with Operation Raccoon City. I believe I read somewhere that it will have modern controls where you can move and shoot, but who knows if they're planning to take that all the way to modern control standards. I hope so. I really do. If they kept with the control schemes of past games I would have to stop and think long and hard about buying it too. I probably would, I would just wait for the price to come down.

Still, I love RE5, it is one of my most favorite co-op games of all time and in my opinion what the GCN games should have been from the beginning. I just hope the series will continue to move forward without being run into the ground.

I had a lengthier reply on your thread posting in the RE4 forum, but i don't feel like reposting it.  Long and short is that your enemies are equipped with melee weapons or just trying to grab you in most cases, and the ability to run while shooting would make the game a turkey shoot until the final stretch.  If you wanna run around while shooting zombies and not have to stop to aim, there is the Left 4 Dead series.  The fights in Resident Evil are supposed to be suspenseful and difficult, not "lol 20 zombies with 1 pipe bomb."

There is nothing wrong with the RE5 controls. Go play Dead Space.

I think the controls are fine also

The controls are perfect. They're like RE controls should be. Get back to your modern day shooters. RE5 was never ment to be one.