out of the loop. anyone know ?

when the update will come out so i can play firfight again ? i also was wondering if Halo :CE players will be matched up with players on reach for matchmaking or are they two different online games ? i miss my firefight . sorry if the info was already posted but i looked around the forums and didn't find a release date.  does anyone know ?


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haven't been to the forums in awhile , looks pretty good but it's slower than heck on my computer

CE multiplayer is Reach multiplayer, just like how ODST worked for H3.


It's now assumed that there will be playlists running on CE settings (not sure whether you have to have CE to access these) and playlists running on normal settings.


In short, yes, you'll be matched up with them, but not if you're playing different playlists.

thaks for the reply bro. i assume nobody knows the release date.

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Hey Holywood, was just wondering why you cant play firefight at the moment?

One of todays challenges is Firefight and I played a few matches of firefight earlier... with other people..  If you can't play firefight, it's something on your end.... Like not knowing how to hit the A button to select one of the 3 matchmaking firefight types.. Score attack, Limited, or Arcade

common sense tells me the update will be out as soon as CEA hits the stores wich is supose to be nov 15th