Otomedius Excellent

I dunno about you, but I'm excited to blast enemy Bacertians back to...   their overlord?

Anyways, will most likely aquire the collectors edition.


how 'bout you?


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before anyone wonders:

offical web page


Will not acquire.

looks horrible.


eh, not many even go for the genre anymore.  but hey, Konami is at least returning to the genre.

I already pre-ordered my limited edition collection. :D I'm a huge shmup fan so I'll be able to add this limited edition collection alongside my Deathsmiles one. Hurry up and get here November!

Don't be too eager about a "November" release, it has been delayed numerous times already. I pre-ordered this game four months ago! I wouldn't be surprised if they boot it back until next year. I really hope it is out in November, but I am not holding my breath.

Urrg sorry I hate that type of gameplay. Well at lest fans of that gameplay have something to do =P

I love shmups. I heard about this ages ago. forgot about it though. Might haveto pick it up