Other Secrets?

I'm a huge Zombie player and as many of you know theres the trick to get quick revive for every game by reviving about 15-18 people. I was thinking if Treyarch put other secrets in there like a way to get jugg or sleight of hand. I've been trying to figure something out like for jugg getting hit and standing in lava just before death then running or getting kills. Sleight of Hand I would reload alot and nothing seems to work. Anyone have any suggestions or ideas?


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If you rebuild enough barriers in one game from then on instead of rebuilding wooden planks, you rebuild metal planks and its a little harder for zombies to break through. Also if you get 2 head shots with one bullet you get extra headshot damage (Not deadshot daiquiri as many people call it). I'm sure there are other secrets as well but nothing other than quick revive and the barriers are completely known.

Thanks for the link Jasper. Interesting stuff.

This is pretty awesome.

double barrel on the barn wall is great for the double headshot thing.

I have all 3 of those. I hope there is more.