Original Xbox 360 vs. Xbox 360 elite 4g.



So im going to get a new 360 but im totally confused on which one i should get. I know the original Xbox 360 gets the R.R.O.D A lot (even though i had mine over a 2 year period and never got it). I was wondering if it would be worth it to go ahead and get the 4g Elite (cant afford anything bigger but if i do i will be getting the 120g external hardrive). Which would you suggest i get? Getting the 4g elite will only allow me to buy 1 game with it but if i bought the original i could buy several games in the $100 or so i save plus my friend has a external hardrive he's going to give me for free.



P.S If this is the wrong forum please move this i couldnt figure out where this should go.


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