original multiplayer with system link?

I have to ask and hopefully someone can answer this one for me.
I understand that the multiplayer for online over XBL is setup on the Reach engine(making this multiplayer really just more or less new maps for reach but instead of just getting dlc, you guys are charging the young lads $40 for the maps and the original Halo 1 campaign).

Will the original System link option still be available so we get the original multiplayer game engine still as it was back in the day? Or is the gameplay only multiplayer within reach servers or that game style?

If the original system link is still available, since you guys did not want to spend the time creating servers for that gameplay, should invest in the XBconnect website which was created for halo 1 online multiplayer so that all of us who were expecting the original multiplayer back can actually enjoy it again.

If its only setup through the Reach engine though, im sorry 343, but i wont be wasting $40 to play halo reach new maps with little kids.


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Well the multiplayer component utilizes Reach's engine and matchmaking interface for XBL play. From what I understand, you will be ablle to play on the CE Anniversary disk, but it still uses Reach's multiplayer servers in the same playlist as Reach's Halo Anniversary DLC playlist...

That said, even in Reach you can play offline system link, so we really have no reason to believe that system link capabilities would be suspended in Anniversary

I thought all live games also supported system link until I came back from the shops with 2 extra copies of forza 3 for a lan party. D'oh!

to answer your question, incase you haven't found out yet, its the original engine for campaign, but the link for any multiplayer shuttles you directly into Reach's multiplayer... and you can access the exact same multiplayer aspect from within Reach itself and the various playlists


so essentially its $40 for new looking campaign and some achievement pts, thats about it... close, almost close enough, but not quite there :(