Origin - Foundation - Level 5

This level is broken. (I'm playing PC version).

Whoever designed this was clearly an idiot. Who's bright idea was it for level 5 to suddenly be 10x harder than the previous 4 levels? Sudden sharp increases in difficulty are poor design. Duh.

This level is just broken because it is nearly impossible to get 3 stars even with the extra 30 seconds from watching a stupid ad.

They couldn't possibly have play tested this given how broken it is. 

How on earth do you manage to not notice that this level is broken and its difficulty is clearly much too high for where it is in the game!?

Completely ridiculous... I imagine this level is even more ridiculous in the xbox version where you have no mouse.


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If you are struggling with Foundation #5, just imagine the look on your face when you see Terra #7 and Arch #8.

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