orichalcum ingot

where can i find this ore, or where can i buy it? I am lvl 22 and it is available to me now so i want to craft a set and some orcish weapons cannot seem to find it


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Most of the weapon shops will sell them in a decent amount. I'm not sure where to find big mines of them, you just have to keep an eye out

no they dont sell them

Have you found Bilegulch Mine yet?  It's pretty much exactly between Falkreath and Markarth in the Southwest.  I'm pretty sure that was loaded with what you are looking for.  However, it hasn't regenerated yet and I have so much metal saved up right now that I am not completely positive.  Either way, it's loaded with something good (i.e. not iron ore).  They were green veins if I remember right.  Something like 8-10 veins to mine.  Hope that helps and it is the right stuff!

thanks brotha i will check it out, but strangely enough some blacksmiths are starting to sell the ingots as well but i will definately check it out

It's definitely there.  I just made it back to my stockpile of metal and I have 16 Ingots of that stuff.

Bought some from the blacksmith in winterhelm just now

I buy them from blacksmith's.