Order to play DLC?

Hey all, I'm just curious as I'm about to start DA2 this evening after work... In what order should I play the DLC?  Is there already a set way, since I know the game plays out in 3 acts.  I've purchased all of the DLC and was just curious.  Thanks.


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Mark of the Assassin can be played at any time, just like the other one (Legends(?)), but it isn't as connected to the characters and stories of the main game so I'd recommend playing that one at around act 2 so you get some hard fights and good loot. Legends I'd recommend for Act 3. You'll see why.

You mean "Legacy" not 'Legends' there Dead Mans Deeds.


@Eggnogga: Like Dead Mans Deeds said, they can be completed at any time... though they make more sense if you start them from Act 2 onwards. Personally, I feel that 'Mark of the Assassin' fits in during Act 2, and 'Legacy' during Act 3.

Ah, thanks Deaths Head 200, it's been a while since I played it.

Thanks guys.  I had heard so many bad things in regards to this game, that I wasn't really expecting much.  I'm still only in Act I, but I'm quite enjoying it.  I think the small-ish map makes everything more accessible, and the quests aren't stretched out.


I figure I'll do the quest, Duty, which is the first quest for the 'Exiled Prince' as I've already defeated 2/3 mercenary groups.  I'll hold off on the 'Assassin' DLC until Act II, and 'Legacy' for Act III.

The beauty of Dragon Age 2 dlc is that Bioware planned seamless continuity regardless of when each particular story is told. Personally I'd recommend holding off on Mark of the Assassin until halfway through Act 3 as well, and after all of Sebastian's personal quests are complete. There are certain characters who you'll meet late in the game who having been met will affect dialogue slightly. I'd also recommend bringing Varric, Anders, and your sibling along for Legacy and Isabella and Aveline for MotA astheir presence will result in unique events and two additional quests for MotA. Good luck.

^^  Just a "heads up," but my thread is 3 months old.  :)    I wrapped up, beat the game, got all achievements for DA2 back in August.

You never know, maybe at some point you'll decide to your carry over data isn't quite right and give it another go. A lot of people do that. And I figure, if Bioware had made a point of recalling an event as irrelevant as a one night threesome with Isabella, and how little it took to make Leliana "sing", it's possible the little decisions may effect our time in Orlais. Either way, congratulations on 100%.

FWIW, I usually split Legacy between Acts 1&2 then do MotA in Act3...