**** or Sniper?

Which do you prefer and why?

I'll run in the room knowing 3 players are in there... knowing I'll die... on the chance I might kill all 3. It's just the way I've always played. I'm the one that runs straight at the flag, with no cover... drop some gas or a willy pete as I run away. I die a lot :)


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kool styorry bryo

I don't think you answered his question.  However, it is a cool story too.

It's okay to be ashamed.

I use both, but it mostly depends on the map and lag.

Two peanuts walked down a spooky road.

One was "assaulted".

I like to mix it up a bit, depending on my mood.

I like to hunt and fish .... sniping takes the same kind of mood.

Its not about quantity of kills, but being sneaky.

I like it when I can lay down somewhere and have the enemy walking around me without knowing I'm there.

The point is to get as many kills as possible without being detected or moving.



Ar's are the next step up for action.

Camp a little, move slow.



I usually skip the next step ......... smgs.

They are for fast moving rushing at the enemy.



But when I'm really in the mood for fast paced I go with a shotty, fj, and ninja.

Stick to all cqc stuff or rushing into camping spots, through the claymores to blast people right in the face.

See now we're talking, I'm exact opposite, I will go to the end of the earth to find you and kill you, if you kill me 50 times, I'm getting to your spot and kill you, that's fun for me when I finally do catch you. I like being shot at and running, jumping around and dancing. I don't care if it takes one shot or 5. It's the fun of the chase. You don't want to get caught, but if there was no me to find you, you'd have no purpose, nor would I. We need each other. I'm your target, shoot me!

@ gamey: just stop with the picture already. no one cares what you look like. hehe

I usually quickly sneak around with my Commando, M16 or FAMAS. For the times that I am defending the flag, I will choose either the Commando(depending on the map) or my new project G11(low power scope). On the biggest maps I will pull out a battle rifle(FN FAL) and play with that. In this game I could not get comfortable with the sniper rifles, I never have been able to on COD. But on Battlefield or Rainbow Six or Ghost Recon, those are the games I can do something with them.

I like to snipe but I don't snipe like snipers usually do. I rarely take long range shots. One of my favorite levels for sniping is firing range. I do use assault rifles but it isn't as fun as geeting one hit kills. I play very similar to you Metal, I'll run to the objective and just try to see if I can plant or take the flag the moment the game starts. I also am a sucker for campers because I won't stop going after them until I get them.

My fav new gun is the PM63 with extended mag. I run out of bullets fast but it hurts if I run up on you. I like to duck around the corner, try to see which way you are going and end up facing you. Blllllattttatttttatttattttatttatooooowwwwww. I hate the guys that go prone, cause that's where you''ll be staying!

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