I would like to know from the community how Forza 4 is.


Is it better than Forza 3? Can any of you tell me how you can use the kinect sensor with this game?
how are the tracks and cars?


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Tracks are close to the same but look and feel much better. Cars, no complaints here. They seem a bit harder to drive yet more fun. The AI is much stronger as well. Kinect you can use as a controller, plus it will do head tracking for either a wheel or controller.

I'd agree with the guy above me pretty much. It is a little more difficult which is exactly what I wanted. I'm a no assists driver and now it really feels like you're on the edge of losing control while you push it.


FM 4 is better than FM 3 for sure but unfortunately it feels more like FM 3.5 rather than FM 4.  :-(


At the end of the day I still think FM 4 is the best racer available on the 360.