Opinions on best weapons and armor?

So I'd obviously think that the weapons the Spectre's office has for sale would be some of the best, but I was wondering what anyone else thought the best weapons/mods and armor are in the game.  Just curious to see what others think.  Thanks!


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It kind of depends on your class. In my opinion though, the Black Widow is the only weapon sold at Spectre Requisitions that is actually worth it. I tried the Paladin briefly and it's not worth it. It does just a hair more damage then the Carnifex (not enough to notice) with a much smaller clip. I didn't like it at all. My favorite weapons are the Phaeston Assault Rifle, Locust SMG, the Viper Sniper rifle and the Carnifex Pistol. I haven't used much in the way of Shotguns, but the Geth Plasma is pretty sweet.

the prothean rifle is the only weapon i would ever use. i usually just keep the extended barrel and upgraded heat sink mods for most of my weapons, though some of the assault rifles require the stability mod to keep them relatively straight.

I'm not wasting 250,000 credits on a gun which is as limited as the Black Widow.


I play as a soldier so I can carry all weapons but I don't use the sniper rifles often enough for the Black Widow to be a worth while purchase.  And even if I did, there's always going to be situations where you will need to whip out another weapon for the close quarters stuff.


After I did Rannoch and unlocked the Geth rifles and shotguns, that's what I used for the remainder of the game (Pulse rifle, Pulse shotgun, Javelin).  

I ended up mainly using the Vindicator since it's light and strong. The Shuriken as a back weapon/weapon for squadmates is also great.

I tend to use the M-99 Saber X for mid range assault, with Assault Rifle Magazine Upgrade V and Assault Rifle Stability Damper V (Before I got that, I kept my Avenger V with the same upgrades). I also take a Phalanx X with Scope V (making the pistol into a fairly decent long range weapon) and Pistol Magazine Upgrade V as well as a Locust X or a M-25 Hornet X SMG with the SMG Ultralight Materials V upgrade and SMG Magazine upgrade V. With this loadout, I have enough weapons/ammunition for a Soldier class easily. As a Engineer or Adept (as I haven't played as the other classes yet), I usually swap the Saber out, and just use the SMG and Pistol.

I did Insanity as an adept, and my weapons and armor layout was: Inferno armor for the power boost and recharge and the Valkyrie X rifle only to minimize weight.

But i could easily gone with a pistol, as adept I killed maybe 50 enemies in total with a weapon. But as DarthLama said, it all depends on your class.

Thanks for the info everyone.  Right now I've been using the black widow a lot, I like to pop the targets heads off lol.  Other than that I've been switching back and forth among assualt rifles and playing with mods to see which combo I like the most. Thanks again!!

Just to repeat what everyone else has said, It depends on your class and how you play it.  If fast cool-downs are important to you then you need to carefully consider weight  (meaning, in my case, playing the game without a sniper rifle or shotgun).

My own preference for my soldier is the Vindicator.  It's power-to-weight ratio is quite good and it's burst mode lands a lot of head-shots.

I only use the Phalanx on my Insanity run with the Adept class. So I choose armor which boosts biotics: such as recharge speed and power damage. With that all sorted, I hardly use my weapon at all, which is why I require the 200% reload bonus to spam my Powers.


With Energy Drain,  Liara and Javik at my disposal, this trio is unstoppable. They buffed the Adept class way too much on the third game.


Nearing the end of my first Insanity run, I had well over 800,000 credits. So I spent all of that acquiring weapons and armor, to ready myself for the second playthough. To which I'll be acquiring the same allotment of credits through out the second play through, and added to this are the credits and weapons (some) carried over from the first run.

Actually for my insanity playthrough I have been using mainly the valkry x assault rifle, the carnifex scoped with extended barrel, and the N7 defender armor lol. The Valkry is actually a  very decent assault rifle on insanity and since i always take garrus and liara with me I use the scoped carnifex as a mini sniper rifle.  Just have Liara use status especially on phantoms and pop goes their heads lol. Plus the defender armor gives a decent boost to weapons health melee and shields.  But hey thats just my own personal playstyle. Whatever works for whatever individual.