Operation Flashpoint:Dragon Rising


I was going to get Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising since the next one is releasing in a couple of days.

Do people still play co-op of this game?

Sorry, I was trying to find this game thread but I couldn't find it when these new forums confused me.




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I know you said a few, but Is there people who still play co-op?

Well the two rooms I saw were for Ranked Co-op but like I said 2 rooms was the max.  If you do get it just be aware that there is a good chance you may be playing single player and not co-op because of the lack of people.

in europe the second game has been out for a couple of months and nobody plays it any more. it's not very good in fact it's really bad.

I traded the game after 1 day it was horrible.

"these new forums confused me" Lol that made me laugh cause the new forums are terrible.

To answer your question though there is very very few people playing this game. I went back and played it and saw a max of 2 rooms.

The only times I have trouble finding a game is during work hours, after that there's usually 2 or 3 set up in each playlist at any one time.

they havent made a forum for this game, im sure some people still play it. ill give you a warning this game is NOT for everyone. i tried it, and i instantly get shot down dead right away. this is one of the most realistic games ive played so far this game might not be for you thats all im saying.