Operation flashpoint Red River


I cannot find a forum for this game, that being said I dont like going out and buying a game without reading what the xbox forums community have to say about it first...so if you have this game would you share your thoughts and impressions so far on anything you feel pertinent....any glitches? how are the graphics? sounds? AI? Ai control? etc etc, cheers.


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maybe find someone on your friend list that has it? the devs have to request the forum mods to make one.

There was a forum before the redesign.....

Anyhow, I enjoy the game, the pacing is exactly how I like my military games.  It's not a constant shooting battle, but when you engage in combat, it can get really crazy.


The graphics are pretty poor, and after picking up DiRT 3 (ps3) I wonder why Codemasters didn't use those graphics for this game? (different division maybe?) but besides poor graphics, which I can look past after playing, the AI can be idiotic at times, always getting wounded, killed etc.  It is definitely a game to play co-op with real players. 


Haven't come across many glitches/bugs yet.  Once in a while an AI will repeatedly run into objects and enemies flopping around after being shot.  Rarely though.


They did a pretty good job compared to their earlier console game, Dragon Rising, but it still has its issues and could of been better.


If you end up picking it up, shoot me a Friend Request if you need some co-op teammates, more than willing to join a human team, LOL.


In the end, it depends on how you like to play, if you want constant gunfights and CQB, look elsewhere, this game offers a slower, ''realistic'' feel, and gunfights are usually medium to long range.  You will also have missions where you have to choose an advantage point, and wait to ambush a convoy, that type of thing.


Offers a mediocre class modifier, you unlock mods as you rank your class, which consists of




Auto Rifleman


Each class you can rank up to 20 I believe, and depending on how you well you do each mission, you can bronze, silver or gold the mission.  giving you points to apply to your abilities.


Besides the SP campaign and Co-op campaign, you can also choose some Fire Team Engagements (FTE) which also can be played solo or co-op, which are basically hold off enemies and maybe other modes, haven't tried those yet, and you can rack up points and when the **** hits the fan, you can evacuate and a helo will come pick you up, otherwise you fail.

graphics are pretty poor oh please get a new tv  they are not poor

I don't think that are poor, not super double great awesome, definitely not poor.

Huge improvement over the last one.

Graphics for me are a small factor, the gameplay of the game is where its at, and this game has top notch gameplay, I suppose saying ''poor'' was a little harsh, more like ''I've seen better''.

Glad to hear people are enjoying this game. I am looking forward to hopefully playing some co-op with Kiddeth tomorrow.

Appreciate the info everyone, and to the guy that said the "dev's have to request a forum" yea I know man and when a dev does not request it that says something to me as I believe there is a reason behind it if one doesnt ask for one, one man's paranoid is another man's common sense ;)

In regards to the game I was hoping, with no reason too I might add, but hoping something pretty close to the original OFP on PC in Gamespy back in the day for like 6 years...even before Resistance was thought about, but anyway I dont think their will be ever a match for that, and I cant quite understand why.  Peace.

the graphics were copied from dirt 3 lol gd game but alot of bugs

I don't think the Dev's will request for a forum on there game because this Flashpoint will be the last game for this title. The game isn't very good save your money rent the game first.

Good game, although I much prefer the last one.

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