Operation Flashpoint: Red River help

So this game is a broken pile of garbage. Despite that fact, I actually would like to finish the game and be done with it. The game is glitched for me and no matter how times I complete the objective, it never updates. I've tried restarting the last checkpoint, restarting the whole mission, I've rebooted my 360, cleared my cache. Nothing works. So I started a public match and had three other people join me. Not only did we run in to the same glitch, but I also discovered a new one. I was not able to aim down the sights with my gun, like I wasn't pressing the left trigger at all.


I really want this to be over with. The game itself isn't bad. If CodeFailures would get on it and patch this it wouldn't be a problem. So if anyone that does have this game, and I've seen a few of you, wouldn't mind inviting me to your unbroken game and setting it to mission 1st and 10, I would really appreciate it. Please?


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