operation broadside vs bt broadband

i have been looking forward to last weekends operation broadside for ages, but bt broadband put a stop to my mass effect weekend.

my connection was so slow and laggy i could only manage 3 full games all weekend.

has anyone had the same problem with bt over the weekend and had a great time owning the reapers taken from them.


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A couple of my friends were having internet connection problems this weekend. They tried hosting a couple of the games and it resulted in me being about 1,000 feet above the Firebase Goddess map. Was an awesome view but I wasnt much help to the team. Then a few minutes later he got disconnected completely.  After that I hosted the rest of the games and no one had any problems.  Since I have the best connection, I always try to host.


I always recommend that everyone checks their internet connection on a regular basis. Free and only takes a few seconds.   http://www.speedtest.net/

i spent most of my time like you above or under the maps lol.

That means the host has a poor connection.   If a host has a good connection, you dont see any of those issues.  Thats why I always tell people to check speedtest.net so they know their connection before hosting.