Open/Closed Beta's

Hi everyone, the past week i have been playing Gotham City Imposters after recieving a code for the closed beta of the game, amazing game and really looking forward until the full game comes out! 

Was just wondering if there are any other games on beta at the minute, or where to look incase some start beta.



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Check the developers websites, they usually have them there.

Run it through Google, there's bound to be some list of games in need of beta testers or the site for most games will directly pop up. But for when I was still PC gaming (when it still could handle PC games (only free to downloads and Counter - Strike, soooo hardcore)), I was notified of games being sent into beta via email. So i'd advise signing up for some email updates through places/sites that notify about games in need to beta testers.

Sweet, ill have a look around then, thanks