Open server! Survival role play

Hey guys! If any of you want to join my server it's a role play survival on easy! Comment below and if someone wants to start a YouTube channel with me comment! But you have to have recording software because I don't. Open to all!

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Hey I was wondering if you could add me? :) my name is SicxxBlaithy94

Good idea, add me?

I would like to join. Im a respectful gamer who enjoys gaming to have fun, not to be an *** to other people. I would like this to be a rp community of peeps that want to create the coolest world we can dream of and dominate it :) if you would have me in your rp group please invite gt: garbear420

I would like to join the server but have you changed your name because I cant send you a request if you can send me one my name is     shadowolf40    no capitals

No you just play the character you are

How is "role playing" survival different from regular survival.  Do we all get to wear funny hats?

No grieving and no stealing are my two rules