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Disciples Of  Hell Gaming

 We have won our second clan war with our casual team. What I am looking for in recruits is a few more casual and competitive gamers looking to really get into tournaments and working together to build a team that can compete.  These are my requirements for you to join my team and make our sponsors happy. Also we are on fraggednation and majorleaguegaming.

-Minimum requirements you must have a 1.00 k/d in call of duty


-Must be at least a level 10 on both Grand theft auto v and call of duty games.


-Must be older than 17 sorry but we aren't kids and we don't want to hear any squeaking.


-Must be able to be a team player. this is high on the requirement list we don't need cocky kids joining than doing nothing to help out the team.


-You must also now what role you will play in the clan during games such as Sniper, Tactician,  Assaulter , Grenadier, Scout. 


-We will run a 6 man team so we will have 2 Grenadiers 1 Sniper  1 Tactician 1 Assaulter and 1 Scout tryout for any but know what you are good at please.


-You will have to tryout for this clan we wont just let anyone in that fits a few requirements so message me to set up a tryout.


- If you are a clan and would like to make an alliance message me and we can set something up.


for a try out message me on live or join our website and message me  fraggnation:





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