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I am the Commanding Officer of The 97th CCT/CTU. 


We have been around for a little more than a year, and have a great base of members. Due to recent changes, we are currently in need of gamers whom would like to be part of something more than they themselves are....part of a team.


We are not a clan, we are a team. One that wins together, and loses together. Were a close knit group of gamers whom are professional, but still like to have fun. Our team is highly structured, military based, and includes rank progression, awards and recognition. 


We currently have about 25 members, and there are a few spots open for active recruitment. if your looking something smaller than most communities I invite you to check us out If you like what were all about submit an application and we will get you started on your recruitment process. 


We are currently a Black Op's team, with a few members whom play BFBC2 here and there.We are looking forward to both MW3 and BF3. 

Our only requirements:

18 years old and up, we no longer accept any younger.

Mature mentality with the drive to want to be active as a team member. I ask a lot of my team and if you feel you have what it takes check us out regardless of game skill. Simply looking fo good fun mature gamers whom would like to be a part of a structured secured team.


Thanks in advance.


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97th is still looking for active gamers to fill the voids within our team.

If your looking for a well established team 97th may be a good choice for you. Like I said in my above post, were right around 25 members, and looking for a few more. We lean more towards the smaller number, and you can find a 97th member online at almost any given time throughout the day. Again not based on skill here, we have many members whom came into our ranks not having any first person shooter experience and have come to be great shooters.

Feel free to stop on by and check out who we are, and fill out an application if you feel you have what it takes to become a 97th member. If were not what your looking for I also invite you to stop by our partnered community Ampd Up Gaming at They have many teams/clans looking for new members, and if 97th isnt the right fit for you, I'm sure you will find one there who is.

Appreciate the read, hit us up!!!

Add me, i need more friends on live x)

I'd be interested in your team but as you mentioned I only play the likes of Fifa and MW2 and CoD 4. So tht could be a problem.