Open a Gate, Stays Open???

In Undead Parish.. I spend an hour fighting and dieing to get to the point where I can trip the lever to open the portcullis in front of the curch... I run back to the bonfire under the dragon bridge, rest... when I come out, the portcullis is still up... sweet... I shut the game down (because my wife was staring at me)... I reboot a few hours later... the damned portcullis is closed again! The one at the top of dragon bridge is still open... why not this one???



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The undeads at the back of the area next to the portcullis, one of them runs to the lever and closes it.  I don't know of a way to make them stop closing the gate.

I had this SAME thing happen to me last night.  I was beyond p*ssed!  I actually saw it come down as I was approaching it.  So much for feeling welcome.

you guys think that is annoying? run up the tower that the black night is on, if you kill him you can run to the edge and shoot the dragon in the back.... but in my game it keeps bugging out and you cant see the dragon. its so annoying, i wanna try and kill it

yea, dude, you can literally see that dude run back and I was like, where is he going and when the gate shut, then i was like..........aaawwwww this motherf**ker, no he didn't, now you gotta go the frigging LONG way to get to the other side. Dark souls! y u no love me???

The funny thing is that the undead which closed the gate on me ran back after he pulled the lever.  He probably thought "right, now that's done I will kill this imposter".  Little did he know the gate was about to come crashing down on his skull...  instant death.  Pretty hilarious.

actually it's better to have that gate closed.   otherwise if your coming from the cathedral you can get swarmed with to many enemies.  if you want a shortcut it's faster to use the elevator from firelink to cathedral and run around that way.