Onyx/Cheevo checklist help

Ok. I know there's similar threads but I wanted one where you can list what you've got left so others can let you know what you'd like help with or what they also need to get. Here's what I've got. Any help would be much appreciated and I can help with whatever too. GT is House33. We will do the item on the checklist until everyone in the group has it. Thanks all & happy hunting! - beast insane w/o failing (my priority) -host with the most (host of 5 horde on horde command map) -places to see, people to destroy (host of 5 beast on horde command map) - like a boss (defeat horde boss on hardcore as 5 onyx guards) - foreshadowing (execute minh 10 times as raam) don't think I'll ever get this one.... -Zeta team go (1-10 horde waves with 5 players as zeta squad) -come to poppa (win versus match as 5 recruit claytons) -locust forever (win versus match as 5 savage marauders) -team savior ribbon (revive 3 teammates at once as kantus in beast) -force multiplayer (win match of guardian on all forces of nature maps) -I've got this (10 kills as leader in a round on guardian) another don't think I'll ever get... -force multiplier (kill lament zerker as team of 5 forces of nature characters in horde)

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