onyx guards needed

trying to host a boss wave horde match hardcore with all onyx guards. hit me up on my gt Yeahman156. i will be on in 10 mins i want to get these achievements and also the beast mode also. and i will gladly help out also with those achievements with anyone else thanks a lot. my bad too if there is a post already about this


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Tip for anyone getting this achievement, with so many people spending their time on MW3 and Skyrim getting a 5 man match is harder and harder to do.  All you need is for 3 people, have 2 of them sign in a guest on a second controller and your good to go.  Best of luck.

With the above method by 'The Billy Zane" I'll do all the 5 man achievements with you. We just need one more player. I have a mic. My GT is Charedmud. (I'll probably be on in about 30 minutes from this post)

To get the achievement, Do I just need to play the game mode as an onyx guard instead of my normal avatar? I have the DLC and I should the onyx guard avatar available right?