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I'm having problems with the onslaught mode which is...I can't seem to kill anyone (Even when i' m putting a thousand bullets into a guys face)..does anyone have the same problem?


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Onslaught mode is not on dedicated servers like the multiplayer is. This invincible enemy glitch(?) happens when you connect to a host that is too far away.

This is usually down to horrible lag. I had the same problem once, emptying eveything I had into a Bot with no effect. It turned out the host of the game was based in Australia!

Try hosting the game yourself, or join up with friends you know don't live a million miles away and you'll be fine.

host your own lobby.

I never had this problem.

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Cool, thanks for the help guys!

Hey Genetic... if you're looking for someone to squad up with for some Onslaught feel free to send me a FR.